4 Common Mistakes Every Business Makes In Social Media

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Starting, creating and managing a social media campaign seems like a relatively simple task. Most of us interact with social media on a personal level several times a day. Posts are short and sweet and it is easy to see an instant reaction so why would it be any different for businesses? If you have spent any amount of time behind the helm of a business social media campaign, then you already know things are very, very different.

Social media for business is a completely different animal. There are elements at play that don’t really matter in the personal social media world. You have to consider posting times, images and there is an overall goal to achieve. These things don’t really matter in the personal social media world. So instead of diving blindly into the deep end of the social media business world, take some time to read these common social media mistakes businesses are making every single day.

Who Is Following You?

There seems to be a common misconception that more followers is a good thing. It is not. This is one instance where quality massively surpasses quantity. It doesn’t matter how many people are sharing your posts if none of them are really interested in making a purchase.

Social Media Overload

It seems like the “new” social media platform pops up every single day. Trying to maintain a presence on every one of these platforms can easily put you in over your head. Focus on the big ones. These are the ones that will really make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Stop the Spam

People are wise to the constant barrage of advertising that gets injected into their daily lives. If you are constantly posting the sale pitch on your social media campaign, then your potential customers will quickly and very quietly start ignoring all of your posts. Provide good content and the occasional sales pitch to gain their trust.

Manual or Automatic?

If you are busy posting social media updates manually, then you should know how time consuming it can become. There are ways to either schedule your posts or automate them via special software. You can even manage multiple campaigns and platforms from one centralized control center! You still need time to grow your business outside of the social media world and automation can be the best way to do it.

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Social media for business can be a hard nut to crack, but these four pieces of social media wisdom will give you a running head start.


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