3 Ways Any Business Can Make the Most of Social Media

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Social media is no longer a “new and emerging” technology. In fact, social media has managed to become an everyday part of life where many of the massive social media networks are now a common household name. The social media landscape has also started to get a little crowded. For businesses who are looking to get the most from the plethora of social media outlets, it can be a little difficult trying to determine where to begin and which platforms are worth the investment of time. In order to find out where you should be spending your time, find the answers to these questions.

Where Should You Begin?

It’s best to create a list of all the social media outlets that are currently available in order to determine which ones will be worth your time. Most businesses then dive in headfirst and start choosing the top five social media platforms. While this may sound like the best plan, it may be best to start by eliminating the social media platforms that you should avoid.

Narrowing down the list doesn’t need to be difficult, and you definitely can’t profit from all of them. Not every social media platform is suited for every type of business. Narrowing down the list to only include the social media platforms that would be relevant to your business makes the best sense.

Consistency Is the Key

People learn when to expect posts on social media networks. Creating a posting plan that is consistent is the key here. If you can’t stick to the schedule you have created, then you may not want to use that specific platform.

Assign your social media platforms to the right people. Make sure one person knows exactly which platform they should be posting on, what they should be posting and how often. Make them own that platform or platforms.

Not only do your posts have to be consistent, but they must hold value as well. Don’t always post about your business. Get personal and share things that your customers find value in. If you can’t do this regularly on a specific social media platform, then you may want to remove that platform from your list.

Reality Posts Work Wonders

Every business has its struggles and it can help to occasionally make a post or two about them. People love being able to see that a business is more than a brick and mortar establishment. They love knowing a business is founded by real people who face real struggles. Just make sure your posts are honest and relevant.

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These tips should help your business get started with social media marketing. Take your time and place your posts in the most relevant networks. Then, study the engagement for each post. Lastly, refine your posting strategy to focus on topics and posting schedules that produce the best results.


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