3 Steps to Customer Loyalty on Social Media

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Clicks matter and conversions matter even more, but customer loyalty is one of the most important metrics there is. By measuring your customer loyalty, you can determine whether you are servicing the right customers, how much you should adjust the quality of your products and gauge how effective you and your staff are at delivering good customer service – plus, you can increase your profits in the long term by retaining the customers who have remained the most loyal. Of course, loyal customers don’t just “show up.” They have to be nurtured and cultivated, and that alone is a legitimate business process.

In the social media age, it may seem harder to develop customers who are loyal for the long haul, but it’s easier than it seems. Here are some ways to improve customer loyalty through social media:

1. Always provide value. If you focus on becoming a high value resource of information on your social media pages, that is an excellent customer retention tactic that can pay off over time. Your relationship with the audience deepens when you are an information resource they can trust. Just create or share information that makes them more efficient, answers their questions and solves their problems; sometimes, that’s all it takes to gain their loyalty.

2. Use social media to deliver customer service. According to one Forbes , 71% of customers that leave a business do so because of a bad customer service experience. As you know, social media has amped up the volume of customers who wish to share their dissatisfaction. If your customers do this, use it as an opportunity acknowledge your mistake, apologize for it and remedy it quickly. Shifting the blame is typically not a good idea. Taking responsibility for the rare social media complaint will earn you respect and loyalty in the audience.

3. Focus on the most valuable customers. The most valuable customers in your social media audience may be those who buy your most expensive products and services, but they also may be those who are the most consistent with smaller purchases – or, those that act as “brand ambassadors” by tagging you in their status updates while raving about your product. If you value customers who are easy to serve (i.e., they rarely complain), then they could be your VIPs as well. These are the loyal customers that deserve to be incentivized.

These are steps that must be repeated again and again in order for social media to help you meet your customer loyalty objectives. For more in-depth social media marketing assistance, feel free to contact Crest Media for a free phone consultation.


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