3 Steps To Creating Sales-Worthy Marketing Content

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It is no secret that content is what drives the Internet. Without it, the Internet would be nothing but wasted bandwidth. People love it and businesses are struggling to create good content fast enough. The keywords in that sentence are “good content.” Give a kid a box of crayons and some blank paper and they can create content, but creating sales-worthy marketing content that can help a business grow is some what of a lost art form. However, businesses can learn to come up with a winning recipe for content creation with three easy steps. It all starts with step numero uno.

Content Creation Step 1: Creation

The first step towards creating great content is the creation process, but in order to craft this content you must first ask yourself some very serious questions and you must find the answers to these serious questions.

  • What kind of content are you going to create?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Where will the content be posted?
  • What type of tone or voice will be used to create the content?

Finding the right answers to these questions will help you fine tune your content to perfection!

Content Creation Step 2: Collaboration

There are no ancient commandments that state “Thou must create content alone!” Collaborating is a great way to expand your reach far beyond the scope of what a single person can conjure up. You may have some great ideas, but those ideas can become even better when others take a look at them.

You could even partner up with another company and create great content together. It doesn’t have to be a competitor. Companies do this all the time. The company behind the hugely successful tiny high definition camera, GoPro; uses content created by its customers. They have gone from the garage to a fortune 500 company using this method.

Content Creation Step 3: Curation

Content is everywhere. It is on our computers, our smart phones, television, radio, Internet, social media, billboards, magazines and newspapers just to name a few. People are becoming used to see all of this content and the average person now sees right through almost all of it. Curation can help solve this all too common problem by adding more value and choosing only the best content.

The concept of curation centers around gathering all known pieces of content about an industry, product, service or topic, and organizing it all by theme, category, and accuracy/relevance. Brands acting as content curators become highly sought after to do business with as curation builds authority. It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd, but proper curation can make a world of difference.

Optimal Process for Creating Sales-Worthy Marketing Content

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Apply these three steps, commonly followed by the experts, to your marketing content and you will have a winning recipe for sales success!


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