3 SEO Must Haves for Content Marketing

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For successful online content marketing, you need a strategy before getting started, and not just a strategy for where to syndicate your content online. We’ve covered before that blogs and social media channels are the best platforms on which this content can be shared. The issues most people have about content marketing are what news to share and if its engaging enough to prompt conversions for your business. This is the facet of content marketing that requires a strategy focused on careful planning, creative resources and a passion for the products & services you’re offering. Here are three must-haves for this internet marketing strategy to work:

1.) A Great Team

Can’t afford a big team? Don’t worry: You and one or two other people will do. One of you can develop the content and another can tackle the analytical side of measuring its effectiveness, including SEO analytics. Make sure at least one person on the team is creatively inclined, as some experience with graphic design, video production & white paper development are crucial skills needed to fully implement a comprehensive content marketing plan, and also expand on your overall search engine presence. Successful content marketers know that its not impossible to keep the output diverse and consistent, but scaled appropriately for large and small teams alike.

2.) Specific Goals

What have you identified as the goal(s) of your content marketing campaign? (Some examples are higher traffic/more subscribers, increased client conversions, better search engine rankings and a bigger social media presence). Establishing your goals is a must. Consider that if your goal is to increase your customer base, using content marketing for topics like simple how to guides or do it yourself tips may dissuade your web audience from using you as a service provider and more as an informational resource. Also, be sure to have a plan in place regarding the monitoring of campaigns so you can analyze their effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to experiment along the way, but always keep your main goals in mind.

3.) Content Ideas (Good Ones!)

SEO friendly content is only going to help you if people actually read it and extract something of value. Being SEO friendly will get your content in front of real people, but if you don’t offer a reason to buy, continue reading, sign up, etc., the value of your strategy is lost. To make sure that your audience does whatever action you’re requesting, take note of your most common customer questions and concerns. These make great content topics, for blog posts and social media updates. Need more ideas? Try engaging existing clients to learn about the uncommon success stories with your product or service & share those stories with potential new clients. Also, be sure to create content involving any new product developments or other news about your business. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than an outdated website, blog or social media page. Lastly, don’t forget about content diversity. For whatever information you want your customers or site visitors to learn about, consider that video, infographics, white papers and pod casts all have opportunities to present unique news and information in ways different than just the written word. Plus, this gives your audience a sense of control over how they learn about your website or business and the associated offerings contained therein.

Getting started with SEO and content marketing is exciting, but it’s best done with a strategy in place. Use these three must-haves when developing your content marketing strategy, and enjoy better results with faster realization of your goals.


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