3 Search Engine Optimization Techniques for 2015

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2014 introduced a multitude of search engine changes. The changes weren’t subject to one specific area of the Internet either. The changes had impacts in every branch that currently exists today. The changes even had a direct effect on local search results, something that the mobile revolution has started to make even more popular. In short, the list of essential search engine optimization techniques saw a permanent and significant overhaul.

There was a lot to learn from these changes in 2014, and it is great to look back and reflect on how these changes may or may have not influenced your business. What can you expect in 2015? These handy tips will help you steer through the search engine fog while avoiding problem causing obstacles.

Watch Things Closely

One problem many businesses have is being able to track and keep track of conversions, leads and sales. Traffic may be pouring in from multiple sources, but where does it go from there? Are you successfully tracking all leads throughout the entire length of your sales funnel? Setup tracking and keep track of your traffic and where it goes throughout the entire length of your sales funnel.

This process is like having a magical crystal ball. With the information you can extract from this method of tracking you will be able to see the bigger picture and determine what is working the best. From there it is a simple rinse, wash and repeat!

Don’t Focus On One Thing!

It can be extremely easy to get tunnel vision and start focusing on just one thing for the duration of the day, week or even month. Once you have some sort of moderate success, it can be all too easy to only focus on that one success. There are always other methods to get new traffic, new customers and new sales. Think outside of the box or even better yet, think there is no box. Your website is not the only source of online revenue. There are plenty of other great outlets out there as well such as social media.

To Spam or Not To Spam

There are still some spammy techniques that work to this day and there are new methods sprouting up like spring weeds. Spam can be very tempting because you get fast results that can be very powerful, but there is a darker side to spam.

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Google considers most spam as cheating. If Google catches you cheating them, you can kiss your Internet properties goodbye because Google will penalize you faster than you can count to three. Google penalties are bad, really bad and they can be almost impossible to recover from. Do things the right way. Work hard and your results will reward you.

The Internet landscape is always evolving and changing. Staying one step ahead of the game can be the key to success and you can do that with these future-proofed search engine optimization techniques.


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