3 Proven Ways to Gain New Customers

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Without new business there is a really good chance that most businesses won’t be able to survive, but there are a lot of businesses out there that seem to have somewhat of a difficult time attracting new clients. You can’t even think about earning any repeat business until you have a good group of customers first. Here are a few excellent strategies for attracting new customers to your place of business.

How Personal Is Your Business?

How well is your business operating on a personal level? Customers tend to make more purchases when they feel a personal connection with a business. There are several ways you can up the ante on the way your business interacts with its customers on a personal level.

You could start by creating a more personal “about” page. This is often the first page a consumer will visit when they want to learn more about a product or a business. This is often where that personal connection is first made.

Examples of a good about page include a personal story from the owners that tells a consumer how and why they got started in the business. This is not the place to brag about any accomplishments. People tend to get turned off by that when they are looking for a personal connection. This is also an excellent way to increase conversion rates.

Do You Have Social Proof?

People want to see social proof about your products or services. They want to see what other customers think. Are you displaying testimonials on your website? If you are, are they being prominently displayed?

Don’t make you new curious customers go looking for what they want. Put those testimonials right up in front of them. This can be one of the best ways to gain trust and turn that curious customer into a buyer.

No Hard Sells!

There are very few people on this planet that like the idea of a hard sell. Most people are looking for information. Give them want they want. Tell them how your business can benefit them. Let them know what products and services you offer and show them the testimonials. All of these things can close the deal better than any salesperson.

The virtual world is a place that is constantly changing and evolving. Don’t lose possible customers that have already shown an interest. Let Crest Media help you design, build and deploy the perfect campaign to bring in more new customers.


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