3 Negotiating Tactics That Help Seal the Deal

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Being a salesperson can a difficult and stressful job. The driving force of an excellent sales team is the backbone of a successful business and many deals hinge on just one person closing the deal. This is a lot to put on just one person’s shoulders and a salesperson with an active mind can often think themselves right out of sealing that big deal.

It is not unusual for the old negative thoughts to start creeping in. Once a salesperson starts to question their own negotiating tactics, things just go down hill. A salesperson must be able to escape the negative thoughts and put a positive spin on every little thing involved in the deal, but that can be a huge challenge. This is especially true when it comes down to some tricky negotiations. Here are a few ways to steer clear of those unproductive negative thoughts.

Anxiety Is the Enemy

Having only one opportunity during the sales process can lead to that ugly word known as anxiety. Anxiety clouds the mind and prevents clear, rational thinking. How can this be eliminated? The answer to that question is easy. Always give yourself more than one opportunity, a back door if you will. Knowing you have more than one option can pretty much eliminate any type of anxiety before it wrecks the deal.

Go For Small Successes First

Building confidence during a negotiation is simple when you score a small yes or two. This confidence can help lead you towards the bigger picture, but be prepared for the opposing no. Not every client is going to agree and say yes to every little thing during the negotiation, but starting with the small things can make a huge difference. It can take years to build a great relationship in the business world. Take the small wins as opportunities to grow these relationships.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Not Listening

Some of the greatest salespeople in the world have one huge flaw. They don’t fully listen to the other side. They get so zeroed in on making the sale, that their eyes just gloss over when the other side starts talking.

Being a good listener can open up more doors than being a pushy, one track salesperson. Open your ears and more opportunities will fall in your lap. Listening is the best way to negotiate in your favor, which brings us to the next very important point.

Same Team Mindset

There are deep rooted psychological things happening during a negotiation. Perceiving the other party as opposition is a huge mistake. This triggers all sorts of problems for both parties. Your potential clients need to be viewed as partners and in reality that is exactly what they are. Negotiations always go much smoother when you are both batting for the same team. Together, you can both grow your business and achieve complete and total world domination! Well, that may be taking things a little too far, but this single method has closed more deals than anything else.

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There are many ways to make negotiations go smoothly. These are just a few of the best. If you are not currently employing these negotiating tactics, then perhaps its now time to give them a try.


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