3 More Link Building Strategies You Haven't Heard Of Yet

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After Google Panda and Penguin, many website owners (including some of our Orange County SEO clients) started wondering if they could ever recover from the penalties they received for their oldbacklinking practices. The good news is, there are still many ways to start building ethical links that point back to your site. Here are three more you may not have considered.

1. Offering Freebies

People will always get excited about getting something for free. In this case, we’re not talking about your customers; we’re talking about your contemporaries. If you offer some influential bloggers in your audience a free product in exchange for a mention and a backlink in a future blog post, many of them will take you up on the offer. Why wouldn’t they?

The only caveat here is discretion. You don’t want to boldly ask for a backlink; by now, most bloggers understand what they need to do when they get a free product in the mail. Just ask them what address to send it to, make sure they know your URL, and trust that they will make mention of your brand.

Alternatively, you could ask them to write a product review. This is an easier way to make sure they will (at a minimum) mention the brand. If you choose to do this, proceed with caution; some people aren’t afraid to give a bad review, even when they received the product for free.

2. Getting Syndicated

Like other link building strategies, content syndication is a tactic that could easily be confused with guest blogging. The distinction is that rather than writing an occasional blog post on a peer’s blog, you are writing content (a “column,” if you will) on an authoritative site for the entire industry. On each column you write, you will have a bio that links back to your website.

If your industry is short on authoritative sites, another way to get syndicated is to become a contributor to a well-known business website. Some examples of sites that offer these opportunities include Inc.om, Entrepreneur.com and Forbes.com. There is a bonus to using this tactic; by establishing yourself as an expert, you will most likely get lots of organic backlinks as the content gets shared.

3. Conducting a Study

Studies never get old, because they will always be needed to help people prove their points. Anyone who blogs for a business learns how to make industry statistics their best friend; that’s why conducting industry studies are a productive, yet highly underutilized way to generate “linkworthy” content. Your peers will link to you if you have good data that interests them.

Conducting your own study may seem like a complex endeavor, but it can be as simple as putting out some polls on your site and using an app to break down the responses into percentages. If the questions you ask are relevant to the industry, authoritative sites would be smart to link to you.

There Will Always be Good Link Building Strategies

It may seem like Google is determined to take away every linking strategy that ever worked, but if you get creative, you can still build a great linking profile – ethically, and without penalties. To speak with an Orange County SEO company with a proven link building track record, contact Crest Media, Inc. for a free phone consultation.


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