3 Link Building Strategies You Haven't Heard Of Yet

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This being one of the most consistently maintained blogs of any SEO company in Los Angeles, our readers have already heard all the expected linking strategies: creating sharable content, submitting press releases and posting infographics, to name a few. But there are other linking strategies that are less talked about – and ironically, they’ve been there all along. Here are three you have probably never heard of:

1. Updating Someone Else’s Content

This is very different than guest blogging (although that, too, is a great way to get links). This link building strategy involves contacting another webmaster or blogger and asking if they would allow you to update some part of their outdated (but still relevant) content in exchange for a link back to your site. As long as your industries and audiences are similar, the link you receive will be organic in the eyes of Google.

2. Landing an Interview

Not a job interview, of course. The goal here is to get interviewed by a site that can acknowledge your expertise in the industry, and to get a backlink from them when they post the interview. Any area in which you are an expert will work, and any website that is connected to your area of expertise should be happy to consider interviewing you.

Remember: They are in the same boat as you, in terms of always being on the lookout for opportunities to create great content. If you would say yes to someone seeking out an interview opportunity, someone will most likely say yes to you.

3. Appearing on a Podcast

If you make a great impression on someone’s podcast and that someone has industry relevance, social influence and a sizeable audience, it could result in multiple links back to your site – especially if other users embed the podcast into their sites.

How do you do it? Find out what the most popular podcasts are in your industry, and make note of which ones regularly welcome guests. Then, start pitching your own guest appearance. Be sure to demonstrate some existing knowledge of the podcast by paying a compliment: “I loved what you had to say about s___ last week,” for example. Anyone who invites you to come on will surely link back to your site when your appearance posts.

Why You Need More Link Building Strategies

There’s nothing wrong with tried-and-true link building strategies, but it’s important to diversify your efforts. An experienced SEO company will tell you: What works today will not necessarily work a year from now. Utilizing as many strategies as you can will ensure that when one stops working, another one will take its place. For more in-depth assistance with link building, contact our SEO company in Los Angeles.


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