3 Key Performance Indicators You Aren't Using

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Any SEO company worth its salt knows that key performance indicators, or KPIs, are important for analyzing the success of a marketing campaign. Throughout a campaign, the majority of marketers will look at indicators like click through rates, Facebook likes, blog comments, backlinks – and of course, purchases – to measure the campaign’s success. But our Los Angeles SEO professionals have identified some underutilized KPIs that could significantly benefit brands, if they took the time to use them.

1. Re-work

Getting something right the first time is best – but sometimes, the need for “tweaking” is just unavoidable. If aspects of the campaign need to be re-worked, it is important to record the amount of time it takes to make those changes. By understanding how many hours you spend per week re-working your campaign (fixing, adjusting or re-doing things altogether), you can gain insight into where your focus needs to be, who should be on what team, and how much of the budget should be devoted to completing each task.

2. Process Cycles

Just as re-work time should be recorded in a campaign, it is also necessary to document the amount of time your original processes take. For example, how many hours do you devote to programming every week? How many days does it take to create a marketing video? If you order new landing page content for each location you are targeting, how much time does it take your team to turn it around? Whatever your marketing processes, keep track of their lifecycles and expenditures. These are key performance indicators that can tell you where your priorities lie, and how (if at all) they should be shifted.

3. User Satisfaction

Your campaign is only successful if it makes a good impression on users. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find out if it does. For e-commerce businesses that depend on their websites to make sales, a quarterly survey is a great way to gauge customer satisfaction. For brands that only use websites for marketing and engagement, a quick quiz at the end of select pages (“Was this article helpful? Yes or No”) can be installed as a plug-in so that users can let you know how useful they found your content. Monitor their answers to see what content is most valuable to your readers.

Using Key Performance Indicators in your campaign

By utilizing these three key performance indicators, you can run a more successful campaign and reap the benefits of improved conversion rates. For more KPI tips, contact the Los Angeles SEO professionals at Crest Media.


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