2 Great Ways to Get More Business From Mobile Marketing

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere or living in a monastery in some distant foreign land, then you know the mobile revolution is upon us. Who needs a computer when you can do everything and more on some tiny device that fits right into your pocket? There are a few businesses out there who have managed to capitalize on this ever growing trend, but some businesses still don’t know how to cash in on this mobile marketing revolution. Here are a few things that will help your business make the most of the mobile revolution.

Location Based Marketing Works

One area of the mobile revolution that is not seeing enough use by businesses but is seeing an abundant amount of use by consumers is location based marketing. Consumers are now using their smart phones to help them locate location based deals. It could be a lower price on a hotel room or a local restaurant that is advertising a lunch special.

The appeal of location based marketing also tends to grab a few customers who may not even be looking for a deal and the businesses who are smart enough to use this new type of marketing are really cashing in. Think of how you could incorporate location based marketing into your mobile campaigns.

Make Your Mobile Marketing Experience Match the Rest of Your Marketing

There is a really good chance your business has more than one type of Internet presence. You most likely have a website, a blog, a few social media accounts and maybe even a mobile application. The key to successfully taking advantage of the mobile revolution is to make sure the same message is being displayed across all of your platforms. This type of branding consistency helps everything fit together in a natural way and helps to increase brand awareness.

This simple technique goes down to the basic levels of design and color placements. All of your properties must look like they are coming from the same business in order to prevent any type of confusion among consumers. This is one simple concept that most businesses fail to take full advantage of.

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These two concepts will help your business make the most out of mobile marketing.


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