Teenagers’ parents require $ 5 million from Facebook

According to WebProNews, Facebook will soon be on the Court because of purchases made through the social network by teenagers without parents’ knowledge.

Thus, in the statement of claim, filed in US District Court of California teenager's parents say their son has used the possibility of local currency Facebook credits for online games and caused damage to the parent budget of several hundred dollars.

Also, the plaintiffs insist on official ban on Facebook such payments committed by teenagers and require the social network compensate moral and material damages, court costs and lawyers' fees in the amount of $ 5 million.

In turn, representatives of the California court stated that this case can be classified as a group, because in the nearest future thousands of victims can address into the courts demanding from Facebook hundreds and thousands of dollars  as compensation.

Investigating the case, human rights activists will insist on changing the rules of social network purchases verification in order to restrict teenagers from such unauthorized activities.

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